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After making an appointment you must:
1- pay the consultation fee. The information about making the payment is available below.
2- upload two pieces of your government-issued IDs pictures or coloured scans front and back. The information about uploading your IDs is available below.
3- All appointments on weekends are VIRTUAL and require payment and ID prior by the Friday.

Failure to upload your ID will result in a refund of your money and cancellation.

Pax Law Corporation does not provide free consultations. All consultations you schedule with our staff will be paid consultations. For making a payment, please visit the Payment Page.

After making an appointment, you must upload two pieces of your government-issued identification front and back and the proof of payment (if any) on the “Client ID Verification” page.

The office phone number is +1(604)767-9529.

If you are making a phone appointment because you cannot come to our offices, you must find the lawyer’s direct number on their page on this website and call them at your scheduled time.

If you have any questions, please contact Sevgi Kuruoglu at +1(604)767-9529

Please let us know if your appointment will be IN PERSON or VIRTUAL in the notes section.

We require identification and payment at least twelve hours before your appointment

If you are running late to your appointment please call the office at +1(604)767-9529. Our lawyers and legal professionals have a tight schedule, and arriving late will result in a rescheduling.

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